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What Is Packshot Photography?

A Packshot is simply a packaging shot that captures the image of the product along with its packaging. The aim is to show what the product will look like on a shop shelf or merchandised in an eCommerce store. Including packaging in your product shots creates a sense of familiarity for the customer and helps them recognise your brand. For this reason, packshot photography should clearly represent the brand and showcase packaging. Most of the time, the product is shown in front of the packaging or relevant props. Packshots are usually on a white/grey background.

Our approach is to decide the most suitable angle depending on the product. The usual practice is a straight facing elevation or a 3/4 angle. It’s imperative to ensure that lighting is consistent and shows the product in natural light.

We are so confident in our photography skills that we offer free sample shots before committing to payment. Try our services for free and decide for yourself the value of our photography.

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How can we help with your packshot product photography?

  • We photograph hundreds of packshots each year
  • Our knowledge on studio photography ensures we bring the best out of your product
  • High quality images and post image editing
  • We understand your requirements before we start working collaboratively for the best results
  • High resolution quality of our images can be used online, in brochures and advertising
  • Quick turn around with packshots so you can get to market faster
  • High volume capacity & significant quantity discounts
  • Remote product photography across the East Midlands area and most parts of the UK

Promise of exceptional results 

We possess years of experience and many satisfied clients across the whole of the UK that we have helped along the way. Our skill doesn’t stop at photographic services – we also specialise in 360 packshot images and videos (Company, Product, Educational).

Our knowledge of effectively showcasing products will give your photos an innovative touch, refresh your brand image, and ultimately result in more sales for your business.

Remote product photography

Our photography studio is located in Leicester, but we offer remote packshot product photography services in the whole of the East Midlands area (Nottingham, Coventry, Derby & more), and most parts of the UK.

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