High Quality Jewellery Photography In The UK

Jewellery sales rely heavily on compelling product presentations. No matter how beautiful or expensive your product is, your sales will suffer if the photography of it is bad. Similarly, investing in quality jewellery photography will certainly help you convert.

Photographing jewellery comes with many challenges. One of the biggest difficulties in luxury jewellery photography are the reflections caused by shiny surfaces. We use appropriate techniques and equipment to tackle all challenges at our photography studio in Leicester. Our expert knowledge enables us to produce mesmerising high quality photography with the use of top grade professional equipment.

We have taken over 10,000 photographs for many of the UK’s leading luxury jewellery companies, from ring photography and diamonds to necklace photography, earrings and more. This knowledge and experience we have gained have helped us fine tune the quality of our product photography.

We are so confident in our photography skills that we offer free sample shots before committing to payment. Try our services for free and decide for yourself the value of our photography.

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The diamond sparkle in jewellery photography

We use special techniques to make your diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and other jewels show the right amount of sparkle to portray the product in a life-like way.

We have a wealth of experience in ring photography, necklace photography, earring photography and much more, always ensuring the best photo quality for our clients.

The importance of high quality jewellery photography on your website

Visually merchandising your online store or brochure with your jewellery is very important to show constancy across all categories. We ensure your rings, necklaces, earrings all show the correct metal type (yellow gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, etc.) and are photographed consistently but showing the most relevant features.


Quantity & timescales

Our fully equipped studio and resources enable us to cope with large volumes of luxury items without sacrificing quality. We are also used to a large seasonal quantity of jewellery which we always aim to deliver without compromising quality.

Remote product photography

Our photography studio is located in Leicester, but we offer remote professional product photography services in the whole of the East Midlands area (Nottingham, Coventry, Derby & more), and most parts of the UK. Get in touch to obtain a quote for your products.

UK jewellery photography – your insurance

Due to the volume of products we receive, we have professional insurance that specifically covers jewellery and watches while in our care – please call to discuss the value and limits on single items.

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