Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some of the questions customers often ask about. We hope they will be able to answer any enquiries you might have. If there is anything else you would like to know, get in touch with us here.

What information do I need to provide to get started?

Ideally, we require as much information as possible to ensure there aren’t any misunderstandings. Typically, you would provide the description of what you expect, the number of shots, size of the products, how you would like the products to be presented, your preferred background, whether you require any group shots, and any other additional information that you think might prove useful.

How can I get my products to you?

You can ship your products to us, deliver them yourself, or we can pick them up for you.

Will you ship my products back to me once they have been shot?

Yes, we will send them back by Royal Mail special delivery, or a specialist courier.

What kind of lighting should I use?

It depends on the type of lighting that is required to effectively showcase your products. Soft light for gentle shadows, or a hard light to show the details. We will need to know the type of light source to use as well as the temperature and the number of single lights with specific shadow detail. As an example, for our diamond photography, we are able to show off the sparkle as well as highlight the hard edges of the cut.

Will I be able to upload the images directly to Amazon/Ebay?

Yes, we will provide the correct size, dimensions & spec for you, making the images ready to upload.

Will I be able to use props with my product?

Yes, anything required to help show off your product. We have a collection of items so feel free to ask as we may already have something you can use.

Can I use models to show off my product?

We can provide specialist models, stylists and make-up artists if required.

Do you offer professional retouching?

We provide photo retouching for removing unwanted marks, cut out, change colour levels, saturation and duotone image colour matching.

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