Ecommerce Photography In A Few Simple Steps

Images create the first impression of the product you are selling. It’s important the ecommerce photography you use can highlight your product’s best features, visually tell the customer how it works, and what benefits it provides.

The human eye scans the content on your website very rapidly, stopping only when encountering interesting visual touchpoints. Therefore, you might only have a few moments to engage the customer in your items. High quality ecommerce photography can help effectively advertise your product and as a result, increase your conversions.

At Studio Packshots, we shoot a large variety of catalogue products for print and the internet using our state of the art high resolution digital cameras, this making sure that all our clients receive the highest standards of website photography possible. We focus on how a consumer browses through catalogues and websites, ensuring we can represent each item to reach its peak selling potential and to promote your brand effectively. Digitally shooting your product photography using the latest techniques allows us to provide a fast, efficient eCommerce product photography service in the UK for great prices.

We are so confident in our photography skills that we offer free sample shots before committing to payment. Try our services for free and decide for yourself the value of our photography.

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Ecommerce Photography Examples From Our Studio

High quality images for your website

High quality images on your website are essential to effectively introduce your product to the customers. Using professional photography across your platform will result in more sales for your business.

Over the years, we have photographed everything: from washing machines to electrical components or even larger goods. Our drive in photography studio can accommodate almost anything. We also offer photography services on location, for customer convenience if necessary.

Watch photography specialists

Throughout the years, we have worked with some of the UK’s leading luxury jewellery retailers. With the wealth of knowledge and our extensive experience, we can produce mesmerising watch photography for your eCommerce store.

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Customer service

We have vast knowledge and expertise in ecommerce photography, all carried out in our professionally equipped studio in Leicester. Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to us — we make sure that our services meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

You can get in touch with us any time with queries you might have about our services. We will do our best to answer promptly and come back to you with great results. For our customers’ convenience, we offer remote ecommerce photography in the UK.

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