How To Create Effective Amazon Infographics – The Ultimate Guide By Studio Packshots


An in-depth product description on your Amazon listing helps you rank higher in search, but many customers don’t read through all of it. Instead, they prefer to look at the infographics to see the visual benefits the product has to offer.

Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners. This data tells us that majority of your audience would prefer to see the benefits of your product instead of reading about them. By looking at the infographics, your customers can learn about everything your product has to offer without having to go through the product description.

We have put together a few useful tips on how to create effective infographics. Use this guide to help you make the best out of your Amazon listing page.

1. What is an infographic?

Infographics can be described as a visual representation of the product data and its benefits. They usually use strong fonts and bright colours to make them easy to read. Infographics provide a space to showcase the most important product features that the customers look for. They also help customers get to know your product by highlighting its assets with diagrams and text.

In recent years, Amazon infographics have become an important addition to online product listings. Professionally designed graphics are the perfect solution for sellers looking to increase their conversions. The majority of successful businesses use infographics because they understand the power behind them.

2. Creating infographics

Before you begin designing your infographics, you should consider the following factors:


Your infographics should make it easy for the customer to understand the most important features of your product. Each section should be separated in a way that makes it easy to read fast while maintaining a consistent tone of voice.

Thinking about the text from the customer’s perspective, the most important areas to consider are: showcasing product features, explaining what it does, how it works, and how it stands out from the other products on the market.


If you’re using your own product brand, then you probably already have an idea of who your target audience is. Figuring out your audience will help you choose colours, fonts, design, and the right tone of voice for your text.

If you’re stuck and unsure of how to approach this, simply begin by doing a little research on similar products. This will allow you to see how your competitors use graphics to target their primary audience.


Consistency is key to producing a strong brand identity. Choosing your design features should go in line with your brand image.

Your graphic piece should attract the buyer’s attention. There are a variety of techniques you can apply to make it stand out on your listing page. Start by selecting the font, colours, and style of your infographic. Experiment with the layouts, use high quality images and soon you will be able to see what works best.


3. Images

Quality product photography is a powerful tool when it comes to selling on Amazon. On the other hand, bad imagery can seriously harm your product listing and as a result, affect your conversions. Therefore it’s important that your product images are of the highest quality possible and ideally taken by a professional.

The photography you use should clearly illustrate the main selling points of your product. Keep the images simple but informative. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think of what they would most likely look for in a product. We also advise you to look around at similar products to learn what works best on the market.

4. Icons

We strongly recommend you add icons to your Amazon infographics. They are a great tool that helps you highlight key pieces of product information and guide your customers from one point to another.

You can easily design them in the software of your choice, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or other of a similar sort. Alternatively, you can look for free resources online.



Making use of available optimisation techniques for your listing is guaranteed to notably improve your product page. A combination of written information along with graphics is the ultimate asset that helps increase your sales conversions.

Remember to design your infographics using suitable dimensions that are in line with Amazon product image requirements. For more information check out our Amazon article for the best photography tips.

If you need any help, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist. We possess over 30 years of experience in professional studio photography and graphic design. Our extensive experience has taught us the best photo editing techniques for spectacular results. Our photography studio is located in Leicester, but we offer remote services in the whole of the East Midlands area (Nottingham, Coventry, Derby & more), and most parts of the UK.

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